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At the top of the hierarchy are the managers who manage the girls and the tables but also act as bouncers. She is the moral support for the girls, she gives pep talks, when the girls have a bad night she is one of the ones that comfort them, she gives motherly advice and is the mother archetype because the girls are actually very fucked up and have a compromised sense of innocence and an inner child that wants to come out, and this woman will actually be called some motherly name, and will often be older, possibly overweight. The house mom has makeup for when the girls forget it (but they have to buy it from her).They control the floor, they are responsible with keeping the customers happy and sell the club (and manage the girls). Then you have the cocktail waitresses, there is always a power struggle between the cocktail waitresses and the stripper.Simply because I know there are many people out there who are much more attracted to strippers than me.And because I feel as though this information should be out there being utilized by someone, since I have literally no intention of going into the strip clubs and using it, and prefer to meet my women on the street or bus.Anyways Ive talked to a few strippers, dated a couple..I know a little bit about how they work.

I am going to be bringing you this document here today for free.There are also guys who are “members” of the club who can provide insider information and will actually even try to sell you on the club, and who you can do a lot of recon with, perhaps on multiple clubs they are members of, and they will give you a lot of information on dancers such as who is single, who has a boyfriend, who is promiscuous, who is dancing to put themselves through school, who does drugs, etc.The paid members are the ones you want to elicit information from, but you have to be careful that you do not come across as vice (an undercover cop), because if he thinks your being too inquisitive and suspects that you are vice to see if there is illegal shit going on he will tell the manager and the manager will get paranoid about you.The manager is there to make money and is also a bouncer and is watching over their girls and do not want to see them talking to some guy not making money but instead getting swept off their feet because that’s a threat.They do not want their strippers to be making boyfriends. They may even approach you if they see you hitting it off with a stripper and try to find out something they can take back to the stripper to use it against you.

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But this information is good and I do not want it to go neglected by men like you who could be actually picking up, dating and having sex with strippers, literally right now.

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