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The FBI is bending over backwards not to indict her for crimes involving the Clinton Foundation, evidence for which is contained in all the emails she destroyed on her private computer.

The charge that she improperly handled classified information and should do jail time for it is a convenient cover story to conceal something much darker, something which ties her directly to the government murder of rancher Lavoy Finicum, and implicates dozens if not hundreds of federal, state and local officials in a smorgasbord of crimes against innocent defendants guilty of nothing but defending their First Amendment rights while protesting the jailing of farmers whose land the government is trying to steal.

But the children are still dead, and we are left to determine who the killers of these innocent victims really were.

[email protected]: Albany County Department for Children Youth & Families County Office Building, 160 Genesee Street Auburn, NY 13021 Ms.

I’m trying to catch up with events to write a roundup on all of Hillary Clinton’s crimes, but I can’t because each day a new atrocity occurs that necessitates rewriting the whole story.

Today it was that she received 0 million from several corrupt Middle Eastern regimes, creating yet another reason why she is ineligible to run for president.

S., who for many years have wanted to run an oil pipeline through Syria, and now have invented this new and continuing faux-Muzzie terror threat to cloak their sinister objective.

But the image that’s in my head of all these little dead bodies strewn across the floor, so neatly laid out in rows? None other than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, our present president and very possibly our future president Hillary Clinton.

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