Access updating using linked tables error

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Access updating using linked tables error

All I have is a childish command in a module that copies the content of one field (from the linked table) into the another field (in my stored table).

I'm somewhat confused because linked tables in a *can be updated and 4 hours of net searching has just left my head spinning. I know I can achieve the same results by either importing the linked data into a tempory table, editing my field then deleting again..I can run an update query based on all the scenario's I'll be coding into VBA, but a simple me.duedate = me.stock_eta would be soooo much simpler and more efficient.

The i Updated counter variable is used to display the succeeded message only when tables were actually updated.

The Get File Name function is used here to display the standard Open file dialog box to the user. You'll need a reference to the Microsoft Office 12.0 Object Library for this code to work.

For example, you are switching from a test to a production environment, so you need to change the data source location.To do this, create a new module and add the following routine: Public Function Ensure Tables Connected() As Boolean Dim db As DAO. Table Def Dim st Backend Db As String Dim st New Backend As String Dim st Not Updated As String Dim i Updated As Integer ' number of tables updated ' get the current database Set db = Current Db() The first thing we want to do is iterate through all the tables in the database so we'll begin a loop.We're only concerned with linked tables so we'll check the length of the Connect property of the Table Def object in DAO to determine if the table is linked.You can make changes in the original table and the linked table that will create changes in both Access databases. I have a stored table in my database and the form I'm using is based on a query that draws data from my stored table and a linked table. However, whenever I try to edit data I get the error message "Updating data in a linked table is not supported by this ISAM." I can understand not being able to edit the linked data, but the field I'm trying to update is drawn from the stored table.

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Linking to external data sources and creating solutions based on different sets of data is a strength of Office Access.

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