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Access wii shop channel without updating

SDHC card support, Wii shop access, ability to run channels that were previously saved to SD/SDHC and a fix for a bug in Wii Sports Resort. Some bug fixes in The Conduit multiplayer and a slightly faster startup time. If you are very cautious, you can remove all risk using PART 1 of the Upgrade method first. Wii is the first of these games and most future games do too. The first upgrades you to 4.1, the second upgrades your boot2.

The official update is very slightly unsafe (Equally as unsafe as if you had homebrew), although you can remove the risk using PART 1 of the Upgrade method. It is the boot2 upgrade which is slightly dangerous, but it can be avoided by PART 1 of the Upgrade method.

The Wii Shop Channel was the place Nintendo created to buy/download official software from the internet directly to your Wii.

You could download lots of different content for your Wii, this includes new channels, Virtual Console games and Wii Ware.

On January 31, 2019, the Wii Shop Channel was shut down, sadly.

Additional applications and games can be downloaded through the the Wii Shop Channel, giving the Wii console much more flexibility than its predecessors.

The problems listed below may/will occur with any channel that you test on Dolphin: A number of Channels, such as the Internet Channel, will not function without following the Wii Network Guide.

That way you can restore your Wii to the way it was if the update fails.

Ensure you made this backup with the latest version of Boot Mii or it is useless.

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