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The thing that bothers me the most, is how parents think there is so much NSFW. Its going to be your child's or your fault for letting themselves/the parents get through to that group.

There is a setting for a NSFW channel if your in a public server, and if you wish to go to it, it will ask if your 18 or over, of course children can press yes and just go through it, but its the parents or the childs fault.

If you'd like to sit there and attempt to do that, then be my guest.

Another time to point out would be that, upon being sent a Discord server invite link, it shows what it's called and how many people are on it.

You can change or update your payment information (credit/debit card or checking account) in your Online Account.

If your payment method is a credit or debit card, you can also update this information using the Automated Payment Hotline.

Make certain you have a valid credit/debit card information and your Vonage Security PIN when you call.

Your Voicemail is turned on as soon as your Vonage service is activated, even if your Vonage adapter is not yet set up. Other changes such as your Ring Count can be set in Online Account. Included with Vonage Service 3-Way Calling Anonymous Call Block Caller ID and Caller ID Block Call Forwarding Call Hunt/Ring Lists Call Return Call Transfer Call Waiting Directory Assistance Call Block Do Not Disturb Extensions App Linked Mobile Numbers International Call Block Network Availability Number Selective Call Block Simul Ring Voicemail Paid Services Vonage Fax Line Toll Free Plus Virtual Number Vonage Softphone Free.

The app is great, no ads, easy to add your friends, etc.

All you have to do to leave it is just right click it and press ' Leave Server'.

If someone made that decision to do that, then that's their own fault.

My first thing I'd like to address is that each user has a username and an ID number, making you hard to find unless you join a server/give out your name and ID, as both are needed to add people.

Blocking a person and/or simply denying their friend requests are simple ways of handling this straight off the bat, and let's not get into the settings that you can put on your account to prevent people you don't have added, don't share a server with, etc, from messaging you.

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Vonage does not accept payment by mail or in person.

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