Are cory monteith and lea michele dating ogdensburg ny dating

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Are cory monteith and lea michele dating

Michele is circumspect about what she knew when, and how she tried to help. You don't have this internal agita——you can just go forward 100 percent. "There was none of that pageant show-pony 'perform for us' thing.

"I can only imagine what it looks like from the outside," she allows. ' " Miraculously, she got the part of Young Cosette—having never taken a voice lesson or performed professionally in her life. I want to do this for the rest of my life,' " she told her parents after her first performance. My family respects that this is really, truly what I love, but it's also my job.

Real love has that effect: One person smooths out the other's rough edges.

Somehow, the seeming improbability of the Monteith/Michele union only added to the sense of communal grief when the actor died in July at age 31, alone in a Vancouver hotel room, of an apparent drug overdose.

He worked as a roofer, drove a school bus, was a Walmart greeter, and eventually started taking acting classes.

Then, a video he made of himself drumming on Tupperware with pencils in his kitchen got him cast on ; it was his first big acting job.

Monteith was raised in Victoria, British Columbia, mostly by his mother, an interior decorator.

"One day we just looked at each other and we were like, 'You wanna do this?

' We knew." But by March of 2013, Monteith was back in rehab, and his history with drugs became public.

's resident drama queen, dating the quarterback on-screen and off.

Then, Cory Monteith's tragic death shattered her world.

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