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Armyfox dating

For the Fuchs 2 the powerpack is upgraded to a MTU 6V 199 TE20 V6 11.9-litre water-cooled EURO 3 emissions compliant diesel For test purposes the power pack of the Fuchs can be run outside the vehicle.The rigid Mercedes-Benz drive axles are of the hub-reduction type, fitted with differential locks and are sprung by progressively acting coil springs and shock-absorbers.The most recent TPz A8 upgrade award brought totals to 168 vehicles.Late in 2013, it was stated that, in the long term, the German Army planned to retain a fleet of up to 728 Fuchs 1 upgraded to TPz A8 standard.The work was carried out between 2004-2007 at Kassel, where the vehicles were originally built.Vehicles upgraded under this contract were given the TPz A7 designation.The enhanced Fuchs 2 is currently in production, known customers include Algerian Army, Kuwait Army and the United Arab Emirates Army (UAE).In 1977, Rheinstahl Wehrtechnik (which in 1996 became Henschel Wehrtechnik (subsequently Rheinmetall Landsysteme and now Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV), under licence from Daimler-Benz, was awarded a contract by the German Army for 996 Transportpanzer Fuchs 1.

On the Fuchs 2, the roof height has been raised by 145 mm for greater internal volume.For the TPz A7 and A8 upgrades, additional elements protect the underside and lower part of the hull against blast and IED threats.The baseline Fuchs 2 provides protection against small arms armour-piercing attack through a full 360°.In APC configuration, the ten infantrymen carried by Fuchs 1 are seated on individual bucket-type seats, five on each side. Fuchs 2 seats up to nine on much-improved blast-resistant seating.Normal amphibious payload for Fuchs 1 is 4000 kg, but, depending on configuration and protection options, up to 5,000 kg of cargo can be carried on land. Motive power for the Fuchs 1 is provided by a Mercedes-Benz Model OM 402A V8 12.8-litre water-cooled diesel engine developing 320 hp, this coupled in a powerpack set-up to a six-speed planetary gear torque converter transmission.

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RMMV and its predecessors manufactured 1,236 Fuchs 1, mostly for the German Army.

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