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Auction dating online

Many donations received by charities also come via the personal contacts of a supporter but sometimes the value of that cannot be fully realised at the local fete! An online charity auction allows the true value of such gifts to be made.

The other advantage of holding your fundraising auctions online is that they can take place any time, not just when you have a fundraising event taking place.

But first you have to decide what it is you have to auction.

Traditionally this has been goods (usually second-hand) donated by supporters.

Many companies will be far more likely to "stump up" if they know their gift will be presented on a national or international platform.

Indeed many companies will use charitable donations as a marketing tool to generate a buzz about certain products, for example tickets to Film Premieres.

Common promises offered are; he list really is endless. If you have a business such as hairdressing, massage, reflexology offering an auction freebie can also be a great way to market your services to a wide audience and gain new customers.

It is also possible to use an auction to add a quick bit of excitement to another event. They then drop the price lower and lower until someone 'bites". A common charity variation on this is to use a silent bid list.The items therefore attracting the very maximum attention and revenue.This can also help with requests for suitable donations.In a traditional auction the price of the goods starts low and rises as rival bidders increase the amount they are willing to pay for something.Eventually a highest bid price is reached above which no-one is willing to pay more.

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These days as well as traditional style auctions at fundraising events many charities are discovering how to use online charity auctions to raise funds.

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