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These notes are rare in the market, but at banks they are readily available.Many Japanese consider the 2000 yen note a novelty as it is the only Japanese denomination whose first digit is 2.Pictured on the front of the note is Shureimon, a famous gate in Naha, Okinawa near the site of the summit.The other side features a scene from The Tale of Genji and the author Murasaki Shikibu on the lower right corner.Banknotes below 1 yen became invalid on December 31, 1953 under the Small Currency Disposition and Fractional Rounding in Payments Act.Australia actually made notes for the occupation as well and those can be seen at the Australian Reserve Bank website By the early 1950s, notes below 50 yen had been replaced by coins, followed by those for 50 and 100 yen in the late 1950s. The 500 yen notes were replaced after 1982, while 2000 yen notes were introduced in 2000.from the National Police Agency, they seized 11,717 counterfeit Series D banknotes (excluding the ¥2000 denomination) in 2005.

Throughout its history, the denominations have ranged from 0.05 yen to 10,000 yen.Decimal paper banknotes issued from 1966 to 1972 will have the words "COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA" printed at the top on both sides.Decimal paper banknotes issued from 1974 onwards will have the word "AUSTRALIA" printed at the top on both sides.A list of all related instruction sheets can be found here.The banknotes of the Japanese yen are part of the physical form of Japan's currency.

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