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Posted by / 11-Nov-2020 01:36

I can't count how many times I was transferred to different reps with no one being able to tell me anything and giving me false promises. The beginning of June 2019 our internet and tv service started acting up.

I finally gave up, you should not have to beg to be a customer for a company. The technician determined the under wire which they had recently ran were damaged/defective so they ran a temporary wire from a box up the street across my neighbours' property.

But rest assured, when you complain enough you will be discounted for following months, that's because they know their services are nowhere they preach to be!! I was with Kelcom for 4 years and probably may have called 3-4 times in 4 years and here within the fist 10 days, I have been on the phone many times with extremely frustrating experience and no resolution.

As the customer and technical services provided from Philippines is one of the worst that I have ever experienced with any other company.

They have both traditional landlines and fiber optic lines.

The company is publically traded on both the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

I took two days off work to be there for them and then also wasted my weekend at home waiting for their techs after being promised they would be there.

I wasted 6 days waiting for this company to come and give me services.

I called them today to ask them why once again they didn't show up today when I was guaranteed this time they would come and again got the runaround.

I see a lot of bad reviews about Bell Canada and in my experience if you're rude and demand things over the phone you will usually get free credits but they will take their time reconnecting you. The installer got sawdust and insulation on my web firebox and burnt that out.

If you are respectful and polite on the phone and understand that it isn't the technician's fault that your services aren't working then 9 times out of 10 they will do everything in their power to get you hooked up again. She conducted business with me in a very professional manner. She help me with my billing issue and is a credit to Bell Canada in the way she exhibited her duties. It's only been 4 months and they have yet to get a bill right. I even got my tech team to check over the deal because I knew people hate Bell.

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Still waiting to get this resolved although I will be cancelling the service I have spent probably a good 2 days total of my work time dealing with them and won't get reimbursed for that either.