Board member dating employee

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In this situation, the insurance agent has directly profited from his relationship on the board.

Example #2: A board member serves on a board of directors for an organization that manufactures small kitchen appliances.

When a supervisor is dating a subordinate, other workers might claim that the subordinate received preferential treatment in job assignments or pay raises, says a partner with the labor and employment practice of Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham.

Even if policies don't prohibit these relationships, this is a consideration that whoever is in the power position needs to consider seriously.

Every set of bylaws should include a conflict of interest policy.It would be extremely difficult for him to make unbiased decisions as a board member.An excellent example of a conflict of interest statement reads something like this: The authors whose names are listed immediately below certify that they have NO affiliations with or involvement in any organization or entity with any financial interest (such as honoraria; educational grants; participation in speakers’ bureaus; membership, employment, consultancies, stock ownership, or other equity interest; and expert testimony or patent-licensing arrangements), or non-financial interest (such as personal or professional relationships, affiliations, knowledge or beliefs) in the subject matter or materials discussed in this manuscript.But, when those co-workers are in a manager/subordinate relationship, the problems can be even more pronounced.In fact, some organizations have policies that prohibit these types of relationships.

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The discussion should include how the board would manage the potential conflict so that they are better equipped to handle a conflict of interest when it actually occurs.

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