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Boyish dating game

On its Facebook page, Megatouch bid its fans adieu via a photo of Kip from Napoleon Dynamite overlaid with In the last few years, Erotic Photo Hunt has become my most beloved, most eagerly shared bar game.

There have been many: Frat parties and unfinished basements and our culture's insatiable collective thirst for binge drinking-as-sport have brought me beer pong and flip cup, our country's most celebrated drinking games, which I played poorly and to excess as a socially anxious sorority girl.

, graffitied Jenga sets, and incomplete Trivial Pursuit editions for those patrons who require a form of social lubrication that doesn't come in a cup.

Played on a touch-screen console generally mounted to the stickier sort of bar, it's a naughty spin on the sort of "spot the difference" game you may have once played in a magazine at the pediatrician's office.

But Erotic Photo Hunt is clearly the best of them all: for its silly novelty, for its retro sex appeal, and for the fact that its basic rules are so simple that even a child could play it, if you were willing to let a child tap a half-naked woman's underwear to indicate that it used to be green, and now it's blue.

The photos are decidedly retro — mostly licensed from decades-old back issues of Penthouse — and unfortunately, the game itself is about to become retro, too.

Mark each one with the touch of a finger; if you're right a red circle will draw itself around your small victory, find all five, and you get to move on to a new set of photos.

The game is just one of many built in to a gaming console sold by bar-gaming corporation Megatouch, sharing hard-drive space with more classic offerings like poker, solitaire, and mah-jong.

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My boyfriend and I weren't so great at talking to each other, so Erotic Photo Hunt was a way to occupy the time as we went through the beers you go through when you're young and it's a weekend and drinking at bars is what you do.