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He is not that good an actor and was hot for a fraction of the second, but man, did he make the most of that brief time he was in the spotlight.He will always be able to look back fondly on the time he was a movie star, made lots of money, had sex with hot guys, attended fancy parties, and travelled the world. He can't have surgery on his nose without becoming unrecognizable (like that actress from the Dirty Dancing movie).It was at Versailles Cuban Restaurant Pico and La Cienega. I wonder how much his father has influenced his career?He was eating there; very low key with a group of friends. He can do anything he wants, as far as acting is concerned. I just watched some of the trailers for the new season of Cuckoo and boy, Taylor is so queeny in them! The gay is just oozing out from him little by little and he can do nothing to stem the flow!! I wonder if they've ever had arguments over his career and/or sexual orientation? He could move out of the house and start living his own life and career path.I think if he comes out in Britain, the US tabloids won't make such a big deal about it, as they would if he was (for instance) filming Twilight in the US. It's been posted on other threads in the past that Taylor's Dad is a fundie Christian.Right now, he's out of the country, so he's kind of "off the radar." This really would be the perfect time for him to come out. He either has to book another gig quick or appear at Chippendales like the other wayward DList celebs like Ian Ziering and Joey Lawrence.[quote]Well daddy @[R33] seems a bit possesive, pushing his hunky son around like that! Lautner comes from the same area of Michigan as the Romney family.I'm sure it's a breath of fresh air being in London away from his very religious family. The chiseled face is rounder now, and his clothes are baggier. He’s just eaten his way into a softer face and body.[italic]"He’s eating a lot more because he’s stressed about two things.He can be free there and do what he want.[bold]From Chiseled to Round [/bold]This actor used to be considered one of the hottest guys from that very famous franchise series. Always in perfect shape, with a lean, chiseled face and six-pack abs to make the girls swoon! His career isn’t going the way he expected it would. He’s also stressed because he wants to make a major life announcement, but his team is advising him not to.

No but, if they share your opinion of his acting, we can certainly call out these creeps for using a young hopeful in whose future they had no faith.

What kills me is that I watched that godawful Sharkboy and Lava Girl nonsense with my nephew a couple years back and Taylor's acting was better then as a 13 yr old than it is now at 24, lol.[quote]Taylor's acting was better then as a 13 yr old than it is now at 24, lol. Elijah Wood was much better as a child actor than now. I think they were unaffected and natural as kids but became self-conscious or learn acting from coaches who are having them act against their instincts. The Benefactor Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Dakota Fanning, Richard Gere Movie HD Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: ZUn Like us on FACEBOOK: RMs E Follow us on TWITTER: h... I think a role like this suits him much better than trying to be an action star.

There was a blind item last year about an actor who'd gotten surprisingly good notices for a TV series who was really desperate to come out. I don't care what anyone says about TL, I still think he's hot and sexy.

I snapped a shaky pic but that was it.[quote]He looks like he has some African-American heritage, which makes him athletic, interesting, and immune from you nasty queens Fräulein, If anything, I'd think he'd be be more attractive to certain DLers. Don't you know about Erna/MPC and his/her imaginary Latino Husbear? And I despise the insults here thrown at people's appearances, which I'm sure can never meet the standards of our glamorous, well-heeled beauties that sit in their own stink all day with orange fingers. For the rest of his career, he can do stage, or television, or movies, or anything. I read a comment somewhere that said TL should come out and be known as a gay actor because he'd probably get more roles.[quote]I wonder how much his father has influenced his career?

It's possible that Taylor may not have had a boyfriend yet. I wonder if they've ever had arguments over his career and/or sexual orientation?

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He's had to do so much bearding and go on so many arranged dates with girls to satisfy his Dad & his managers that he may not have been able to develop his own life yet. If you bitches don't want that hunk of a man, then get the fuck out of my way, because I'll take him! It's very masculine.[quote] If you bitches don't want that hunk of a man, then get the fuck out of my way, because I'll take him! I don't know, but as you can see in some of the photos above, Taylor's Dad often accompanies him to various events, or did up until now.