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In May of 1884, the first "Housekeeper's Column" appeared with menu suggestions and fashion tips written by staff.At the same time, the hired Estelle Hatch to expand the "Housekeeper's Column" into the first regular column focusing on women's affairs in any American newspaper.Composed entirely of letters written by readers to other readers, "Confidential Chat" evolved from a way to share recipes and housekeeping tips to "a forum for debuted in 1872, it faced an uphill battle to win readers away from the city's many other newspapers.The editors decided to expand their readership by including stories they thought would appeal to women, a growing market in Victorian-era publishing.With the growth of suburbia and consumer culture in the 1950s, letters focused on the new ideals of family life and femininity.

A good receipt for graham gems is two cups graham flour, one generous tablespoon sugar, one-half teaspoon salt, one cup water, one of milk, two eggs – yolks and whites beaten separately; have the gem pans well buttered and hissing hot; bake from twenty to thirty minutes in a hot oven.Early in the century, the column carried letters debating women's right to vote and the threat bicycle riding posed to American womanhood.Not surprisingly, letter writers in the 1930s expressed the anguish of unemployment and poverty; in the 1940s they shared ideas on how women at home could help with the war effort.Many "Confidential Chat" readers consider themselves to be members of a special club.Some note proudly that they were the third generation of "Chat" readers — and writers — in their family.

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