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Musician, TV personality, songwriter, singer As a solo artist, Gene Simmons released the album Gene Simmons in 1978. In 1984, Gene made his debut theatrical film appearance in the science fiction action film Runaway in the role of Dr. Along with his KISS bandmates, Gene first appeared in a daytime talk show called The Mike Douglas Show in 1974. Furthermore, he doesn’t prefer music or the use of a cellphone while doing his daily exercises.

As a member of the band KISS, his first album with them was KISS released in February 1974. Gene also feels proud of having a big house that has three floors, with no elevators which also adds up some daily steps.

Bill Aucoin, then-manager of KISS, told Simmons he didn't think Van Halen would have any commercial success (Van Halen's debut self-titled album went platinum, and their famous 1984 album has sold more than 10 million copies and has been certified diamond).

Publisher of the magazine 'Tongue' since late 2001.

Gene Simmons The KISS rocker has revealed he broke the 'Believe' hitmaker's heart back in the 1980s when he fell for her best friend, after she suggested he met up with the singer to get tips on choosing her Christmas present.

He explained: "Initially, Cher and I had a relationship and we lived together in Malibu.

He went to Newtown High School (Queens) to complete his high school studies.

After that, he attended Richmond College and Sullivan County Community College. He usually prefers long-drawn hikes that are as long as 5 miles.

Never one to keep still for too long, the charismatic Simmons made his first feature film appearance as his alter ego (The Demon from KISS) in the 1978 telemovie Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978), which received scathing reviews in the USA from TV critics. P(1); var d = "append Child", g = "create Element", i = "src", k = h[g]("div"), l = k[d](h[g]("div")), f = h[g]("iframe"), n = "document", p; = "none"; e.insert Before(k, e.first Child)= o "-" j; f.frame Border = "0"; = o "-frame-" j; /MSIE[ ] 6/.test(Agent) && (f[i] = "javascript:false"); f.allow Transparency = "true"; l[d](f); try catch (s) try catch (t) a.Best known as the fire breathing, blood splitting and larger than life co-founder of hard rock supergroup, KISS.However KISS fans internationally loved the film and it played theatrically to strong box office business in dozens of countries, and has since become something of a cult film....despite its corny, cartoonish plot!Since KISS didn't drop wearing their distinctive make up until 1983, it was several years before Simmons appeared in front of the cameras again (this time without the Demon make up), as an evil techno-junkie killer battling Tom Selleck in the thriller Runaway (1984).

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