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Hand shaking is not the norm in Nepal, particularly between members of the opposite sex.

It is best to let any hand shaking be initiated by your Nepalese counterpart especially if you are a woman.

The Nepalese are generally very friendly and curious, and enjoy speaking to people from outside of their country.

Do not shout in public or call names, which would be considered extremely rude and may even damage your personal reputation among those who witness this kind of behaviour from you.

Laughing out loud is also very common among Nepalese.

If someone shares a good joke, it is not uncommon for the whole office to laugh out loud.

The topics to avoid discussing with a new acquaintance include politics, the royal family, religion, poverty or any other topics which reflect negatively about Nepal. Once they get to know you, Nepalese may stand close to you while speaking, hold your hand, pat you on the back and even give you a hug.

However, maintain a bit of a distance while talking to the opposite sex.

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These kinds of questions may seem over-personal to Canadians, but are casual conversation topics for Nepalese.

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