Creationist carbon dating church dating policy

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Namely, that based on their data, the age estimate of the dinosaurs was off by some 2000x.

Moreover, humanity must be increasingly concerned about asteroid strikes to the Earth, because that age estimate error would influence our estimate of the size of the whole universe (since we look at the size of the universe through the lens of time), which would mean that everything in our solar system is more densely packed.

This makes about as much sense as the Indiana Jones movie with ancient alien archaeologists.I don't know if Hugh saw the quizzical look in my eyes, but when he was interrupted by someone asking for something, I quickly backed away. This isotope has a very short half-life (the time necessary for the element to reduce in mass by half) of only 5730 years.Since it decays so quickly, it is useless for dating objects more than about 40-50,000 years old.The poster authors, Hugh included, were basing their attack on one technique in the geological toolkit, and disregarding all other evidence that would have undermined their conclusions.How did this abstract get past the selection process?

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You can see the work on his site, and in his new […] In April, my wife and I returned from a few months in Mexico, to Texas.