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You see lastly I have been teasing Lynn about the Hot girl and Frump girl. If I had to describe it I would call it elegant or classy with just the right amount of sexy thrown in.Her waist length jet black hair is mesmerizing and her makeup is perfect. I see her in the morning and it is all I can do to keep my hands off her.These rules have been composed after years of time and experience so do not think we are asking too much in all of us being adults within these rooms and as a community on the whole. Unlike most chat venues, rules exist here and are enforced for public and private chats.The second I walked into the office Rick looked up at me and said. The neck line showed off just a hint of cleavage while the hem was the perfect length to showcase her sexy athletic legs. I said to her as she set the cosmetic bag and pillows in the back seat.Finally I get to spend a little time with the hot girl.

Don’t get me wrong we love are life together and being parents to are three kids is the greatest and most rewarding experience in life.

Were both so tired all we want to do is crawl into bed for a couple of hours sleep before the whole cycle starts all over again. In fact that’s when the family taxi cab service jumps into high gear. Including a state of the art entertainment system with a 52 inch HD TV with surround sound.

That is why this trip to the mountains alone, the first trip alone in years was so important to both of us. To be honest at first I was not all that jazzed about the entertainment system.

I told her I was working on a few surprises for her.

She looked at me suspiciously for a few seconds then said “oh yeah, well I have been working on a few surprises for you too”.

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Her makeup will have been long remover and her elegant and sexy dress will have been replaced with one of my tee shirts that are long enough to be a dress on her and a pair of my boxers or even worse the dreaded “comfy” sweats that do absolutely nothing to compliment her figure.