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The first two strap on's he bought me I was not sure what to do with but now I call him daddy and that makes me such a whore. I pretend I'm with my daddy while mommy is gone and I get so excited as he dresses up and tells me to be a good girl and finger daddy's ass.

The way his cock gets hard when i say daddy is making me wet now. I love being submissively to my bi daddy and being his special girl that does what mommy wont.

Her ears perked up as he exhaled and shifted in his seat, shaking her off his leg so he could spread them out further. Sitting on her knees she crouched over and tugged the edge of his shorts with her teeth very carefully - trying to get a signal from him, but her attempts were in vain.

Her frown turned into a pout as he adjusted the crotch of his gym shorts which were at her eye-level. His fingers tapped away without missing a beat and so she took to kissing the inside of his thigh.

Just as I am about to drift off to sleep, I hear a knock at my door.

all of the sudden, the pecker smacks the pickup in the windshield and flies off...I'm Amy hubby is Gary and we're raising a beautifullsexy 20 yr old daughter we taught her how to give head swallow cumm masterbating were very proud to have a hot horny kinky daughter she loves her daddy and I'm loving it will u get excited to join us for a hot kinky ppl to watch porno and masturbating I am looking for a man, woman, or a couple to make me your fucktoy. Sucking cock Licking pussy Licking assholes Getting fucked Spanked Role play/Age play - daddy/daughter, mommy/daughter, etc Punishment for disobeying/not performing to satisfaction Things I want to try...I will be moving to Washington (the state) in April, so only have a few months to enjoy being your fucktoy. Water sports - receiving Face slapping - receiving Being treated like an animal (examples - dog, pig, cow) Full body whipping - receiving Forced deep throating Rough sex Bondage Father Daughter Role Play To my sweet baby girl who is out there that misses her daddy... A pile of her pen and ink sketches lay scattered over her lap, she picked them up and put them down on the floor - unable to feed her creativity any longer.What she needed was another way to entertain herself for the time being until Daddy took a break to eat or if she was lucky, watch a movie with her.

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He let her sit like this only if she promised to be quiet without disturbing him.

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