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Posted by / 20-Nov-2020 18:22

While there have been reports of people being scammed on the site, this site is not only 100% free, but one of the most popular and safest sites around. It has one of the lowest bounce rates and the highest per visit page view rates (16 per visit) of any site.Over the past few years, while membership has fallen off some, since 2013 it is showing a very active and steady use pattern – which means real people are showing up and staying to use their dating system. Date Hook is incredibly popular in the US, and incredibly popular in Nigeria.

Their choice to make their search matching intuitive works for you, not against you.I first found Date Hookup in 2008 via HItwise, a statistical aggregator that looks at the top websites in a variety of categories and niches.At the time, the site created quite a stir by ousting some of the long-standing, top dating sites in the US in this highly-regarded ranking, so I had to check it out and see what the hubbub was.If you follow good rules of common sense, you are more likely to meet real people in your area that interest you.Date Hook doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is.

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When you consider that Internet connectivity isn’t as wide spread in Nigeria as in the US, there is a limited amount of people interacting on the site and most of them are scammers.