Dating a fitness model

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That's how one guy met me, he asked me to spot him on bench. No girl will leave you for another man if you're her only option.

“Fitness is the main reason my body feels 25, as well as my head! Age: 54 “Yoga makes you immortal,” says Dana Flynn.I doubt many guys would take pole dancing or ballet classes to meet women. Yes..most of them are cardio bunnies who are skinny fat.It's easy to spot a fitness girl lifting, just ask her to spot you and go from there. Best find yourself a girl with a decent face and keep her above 25% bodyfat so that you'll have to compete with less guys.“Nothing enhances my mood or boosts my creative energy more,” says Wunsch. Pushing boundaries, family time, staying hydrated, stretching, and…dark chocolate!Age: 53 The celeb personal trainer has been working in fitness since she was 19, and her muscles and energy are nothing short of inspiring.

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Her secret is a constant cycle of “playing, dancing, singing, laughing”—both alone, and with the vast community of friends, family, and yogis who love (and look up to) her.

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