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Dating and personals

(Both asked to use their first names only for this article.)"I'm pretty sure we decided to move to the same place and live together within the first two weeks of talking. Shortly after the pair connected via Rakowski's Instagram account, they sent her an email saying "we fell so hard and so fast (I think we still have bruises?

' You're really cute, but we live in different places. )" and talking about the Rural Queer Butch art project they were doing.

"I hear stories through people I know that someone was at a dinner party and their date was someone they met on Personals," she says.

"My friends that are therapists are like, ' My clients talk about this.' It really is spreading."But as Personals got more successful, it also became increasingly unmanageable.

"You have to be present to write these ads," she says. It's a friendly environment; it feels healthier than Tinder." And now that the 35,000 people who follow Personals seem to agree with her, she wants to take on those apps—with an app of her own.

But unlike the services rooted in the selfie-and-swipe mentality, the Personals app will focus on the things people say and the ways others connect to them.

They attached several photos they made as part of the project—as well as a video.

"They were like, ' It's PG.' It's totally not PG,'" Rakowski says now, sitting at a cafe in Brooklyn and laughing.

Then, this spring, Juniper submitted an ad to @_personals_, an Instagram for lesbian, queer, transgender, and non-binary people looking for love (and other stuff).We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our software, be it installation, customization or design.With vld Personals you are among thousands of satisfied clients.Rakowski solicited submissions, and set up an Instagram account—originally @herstorypersonals, later changed to just @_personals_. Personals, while ostensibly functioning as a way to meet future partners, also works as a support network where people show up simply to encourage people's posts and trade flirts.The small squares of Instagram provided the perfect size for the ads, and attaching someone's handle to the post provided an easy way for interested parties to follow, message, and get a general sense of each others' lives. Rakowski is also adamant that it not just be about dating; she highly encourages the use of Personals to build LTRs "Arizona and I have been half-joking, half-seriously talking about using Personals to organize a poly[amorous] butch commune out in the country," Juniper says.

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"Be still my heart," Juniper messaged them; soon they had a Face Time date, and spent the next three weeks writing each other letters and poems before Arizona drove seven hours from Pittsburgh to visit Juniper in Connecticut.