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Dating good bye

After graduating from Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, she worked at a publishing house, editing Christian living books and a few children’s books, too.A fan of Colorado’s 300 days of sun, she’s often out hiking or hammocking, and on the cold, snowy days, she’s usually playing five-hour-long board games.He also recognizes that there are some people who have benefited from it, for which he’s thankful.More of his journey and change of heart will be explained in a documentary slated to release next month.

He acknowledges the hurt it has caused some, and apologizes for that.I've seen these non-dating philosophies used as a way to escape responsibility and commitment.And mostly I've seen them used as a means of avoiding the hard work of following God in our day-to- day lives and relationships.While dating can be wonderful and enriching, when it's done poorly it can also be painful and messy.So instead of learning to do it well, some would have us just not date altogether.

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There are no easy answers here — whether it's kissing dating goodbye, following some "Rules," or adopting any other 1-2-3 formula for relational success — there's only a God who desperately desires for each and every one of us to be in an intimate relationship with him.

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