Dating harmony sovereign guitar

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Dating harmony sovereign guitar

By vibration - friendly I meant: now the bridge is bolted through thetop, through the bridge counterplate inside the body.I understandthat the bolting may reduce the vibration of the top.A proper neckset angle helps the sound of the oldstraight-braced Harmony guitars tremendously.What do you mean by "more vibration-friendly" bridge mounting? It is the only 4-String Tenor listed and it was discontinued in 1972. Hope this helps a tad, kcbuck By entering this site you declare you read and agreed to the Site Terms, acknowledged our Privacy Policy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility. Regards, kcbuck Frank: Based upon the pictures this Tenor guitar may be the "Harmony HTG 1201 Tenor Guitar". Cond: 0.00 to 0.00 USDThe list listed MSRP for this model back in the day is .50 USD. intonation is not great in the upper 3rd and 5th positions. Harmony generally, from what I have seen in the past inserts the model number into the serial number.Hi, I have here a Harmony Sovereign 1203 model, oo size, with inside astamp that sais: 4594H1203. Played condition, pickguard and machines have been altered, noproblems wih the wood (all solid, original, bindings in very goodcondition) except for some superficial damage , probably done whenworking on the pickguard in the past.

I know John Sebastian played a1260 at Woodstock in 1969, but that Harmony went under right about thattime or maybe just a little Adjustable truss rod or not ? PGrins, Peter Reserve No1 Hi, I have been investigating further about this Sovereign 1203: there isno point trying to find the production date, since the records withserial numbers don't seem to be available anymore. The old bridge hasbeen changed, another one glued ànd bolted, with a wooden strip on theinside of the soundboard to hold the bridge.

Does anyone know any one who worked it the Chicago guitar factories ?

I`ve got a lot of questions I would like to get answered....

Maybe the glue ( hide glue) came loose while the guitarwas stored in too hot temperature conditions. Using light gauge and tuning in DADGAD ( lower tension) combined withhumifier in the soundhole, the belly at the bride started to sink. I think that you should DEFINITELY get the bridge reglued, and considera new bridge patch as well.

Would I risk to take the bolts off ( after removing the strings), andrestringing carefully after checking the bridge fixation? Cripes, it might be worth it to do what Mike Dotson on MIMForum did a while ago - he took an old Harmony 1203,took the top off, thicknessed it, and rebuilt it with X-bracing. I've done that to a 1260 and it was verygood afterwards...I have seen many Harmony guitars with bolts (as well as glue) holdingthe bridge down, and am certain that the factory did this on someexamples.

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