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Under the ACA, any “A” or “B” graded preventive services must be provided by most insurers without cost-sharing; in addition, traditional Medicaid programs, while not required to provide USPSTF top graded services are incentivized to do so.

In 2013, the USPSTF gave HIV screening an “A” rating for all adolescents and adults, ages 15 to 65.

opt-in (test is offered to the patient who must explicitly consent to an HIV test, often in writing).

Most insurers now broadly cover HIV testing, many without cost-sharing, in part due to a decision made by the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), an independent panel that assess the net benefit of preventive services and assigns a subsequent letter grade (A-D).

Individuals who test HIV negative but who are at high risk for the infection, may be referred to additional prevention services such as Pr EP which can reduce the risk of HIV acquisition through sex by more than 90%.2015: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announces Medicare coverage of annual HIV screening for all beneficiaries 15-65, and for those older and younger beneficiaries at “increased risk” for HIV The U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends routine HIV screening in health-care settings for all adults, aged 13-64, and repeat screening at least annually for those at higher risk.Certain factors are known to reduce the risk of HIV transmission including condom use, antiretroviral treatment leading to durable viral load suppression among those with HIV, which prevents further transmission, and the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (Pr EP) among those at increased risk for HIV.Following an HIV test, individuals who test positive can expect a confirmatory test and linkage to HIV care and treatment.It is considered a best practice to initiate antiretroviral treatment as soon as possible after diagnosis.

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HIV testing is also recommended for anyone who has been sexually assaulted.

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