Dating really short men

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Dating really short men

It’s almost like most women put aside short men discriminating them as sub-human beings.‘Society thinks it’s okay to discriminate short men and it’s an invisible discrimination that society can get away with.Funny thing is over time, it seemed like the women I went out with kept getting taller, the tallest being 6ft 5.People did look but then again, my guess is they were looking at her not at me.Women are programmed by society that they must have a guy who is tall.Look hard and you will see it every day – even in adverts, the shorter guy is always made out to be a clown while standing next to the taller guy. ‘For example, I overheard women talking about how there aren’t any decent men in the world anymore.We spoke to several shorter men to sort fact from fiction.

Her dad even allowed us to stay in the same bed together, which in some families is not allowed with couples who aren’t married.I have dated one woman my height and loved the way our bodies naturally fit together but it’s hard to find a woman my size.‘Everyone is the same size lying down, so size isn’t a preference for me.‘A couple days after leaving her parents’ house, she gets a phone call from her dad, saying how he disapproved of our relationship because I was shorter than her. ‘If I’m not accepted by a woman’s family, it won’t work out.She was so devastated because the whole time we didn’t even have a clue that he didn’t like me. ‘She stopped talking to her parents completely after that and we stayed together for another year but eventually broke up because it became too difficult for her not having a relationship with her parents. That was the only negative thing I have experienced.

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‘I like women who are 8-10 inches taller because they have a different viewpoint and sense of humour because of their life experiences.

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