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Dating roller skates

They were around long before the 70s – in the 50s and 60s they were often enormous and featured live organ music.

In the 70s, they metamorphosed into a disco themed haven with everything a teen could want – loud music, pinball, poor lighting, and an equal measure of girls and boys.

Inventor John Joseph Merlin wore his newfangled wheeled shoes to an event at Carlisle House in London, where he promptly smashed into mirror, hurting himself and the invention’s reputation for decades to come.The Chicago Cruiser plastic skateboards are a throwback to the vintage ’70 style boards.Latest modern specs include high impact composite PP deck, aluminum trucks, PU cushions, ABEC 7 carbon speed bearings, 58 x 45 mm polyurethane skateboard wheels. It had it all: gaudy styles, godawful music, and an air of uninhibited sexuality that made the whole mad affair seem a bit seedy.Before her slimy husband murdered her, Dorothy Stratton was Playmate numero uno.

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Other roller tunes of note: Bicycles, Roller Skates and You – The Archies Roller Rink – Trooper Roller Skating Child – Beach Boys Roller Skate Rag – Barbara Streisand Roller Skatin’ Mate – Peaches and Herb Also check out “Roller Boogie” by Dutch girl group Bisquit. Legend has it that, in the late Seventies, the boardwalks of Venice Beach, California overflowed with scantily clad roller girls. Back then, lifting your portable music devices could cause back injury.