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Dating ru maketop

And maybe that lack of confidence is what everyone is talking bout. Immaculate go watch it again and mute it on some of her parts and see if maybe then I understand."Don't hate be 'cause I'm perfect, because I'm not...Hate me 'cause I'm beautiful." I LOL'd for real with that, how can you not love Brooke??!! this season was kind of shit, very minimal moments of "do you remember that? The hot Drag Race T is now stone cold, so you better subscribe to the cast of season 11 on their twitters, instagrams, things of that nature.

I would have been pleased with Brooke or Yvie winning, honestly.It was SO obvious who would win depending on how much screen time they got, including Yvie's win.I don't remember it being so blatant in earlier seasons, and I'm a bit salty about it :(I agree.Also didn't help I kiki'd with my hairdresser and she said it was set up that Yvie is going to win. I am rewatching these lip syncs and I didn't fully notice how Brooke and Silky rolled around the floor in unison at the end of the song. It's officially my favorite part of that lip sync. I mean functionally they've done this the past two seasons.Aquaria got a double shantae despite tripping twice against Eureka.

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" or "I HAVE to watch that again." I even said previously that this season don't pack that same 'race to the crown', kind of urgency in my heart, like, I barely, gave a shit...