Dating sim ds english rom

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The few dating sims released for the DS were only released in Japan, Love Plus being one of them. The girls feel like actual human beings, and if your name is Japanese, they can pronounce it word for word.

However, these plus points aside, it really isn’t much of a great game.

One of the many that I have downloaded was this I love this coz it’s free via GREE. A womanizer, a protector, a fun friend and a brother/warrior. In truth, he values people very much, especially the princess (you/me) and he would really give his life for you (me).

The gameplay is basically arranging your schedule in order to advance in four categories (fitness, intelligence, style and charm).

These four categories are what the girl sees in you, and you have to excel in some categories to impress the girl.

It’s still on-going so watch out for the following chapters.

mt=8 i Phone/Touch Download the Japanese game here. 5 Comments To all Amachi Shouta fans, I wrote a fanfic.

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