Dating site fl tammi 21

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Dating site fl tammi 21

Tammy leaves in frustration and walks two doors down to her parents' house.

She tells her mother, Deb, about her plans to leave and takes her grandmother Pearl's Cadillac Seville. Tammy initially refuses but ultimately agrees when Pearl proves that she has a large sum of cash.

On October 18, 2012, it was announced that Shirley Mac Laine has been offered the role of Tammy's diabetic grandmother, but the deal never came to fruition due to her scheduling conflicts with the TV series Downton Abbey.He offers to kill Greg for her, though she declines.Returning home, Tammy finds that Greg and Missi have packed Tammy's belongings. She walks down the street to her parents' place and finds out that Pearl is now living in Brookview Retirement Home.Along the way the two stop in a bar in Louisville, Kentucky, Tammy meets Earl Tillman and his son Bobby, and Earl hooks up with Pearl.Tammy and Bobby begin to make a love connection as Pearl and Earl drunkenly make out in the car.

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She, Lenore, and Susanne grieve Pearl's death, but Pearl suddenly awakens, much to everyone's shock.

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