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Tom Felton: It was anti-climactic wasn’t it, on the last day? TF: That’s your lot everyone, thanks very much, see you. It was the end but it wasn’t like a full stop, it was like a comma.The films were done, but were other things to do next.So the producer said to bring Annabel down, we’ll make it special because the Great Hall was filled with people. It was the scene where Snape has just taken over Hogwarts as headmaster and Harry comes back and has a confrontation, so quite a lot of the key cast were in and they all bought out a birthday cake for Annabel and everyone sang Happy Birthday. WD: Seeing Alan singing Happy Birthday was quite an unusual thing to see. They didn’t want to make any little mistakes or to anger any of the fans.So I went round the set [mimes jaw dropping] and I couldn’t get over the size of it, it was that sort of [sharp intake of breath], so I wasn’t filming on that day but just on the side lines. I think the nice thing about the book is that she left it to interpretation, it’s not really answered I don’t think, why any of the softer side of the Malfoys do what they do. I think David Yates explained it as when you hear your Dad’s voice, you’re not really interested, but when you hear your Mum’s you can’t help but go.TF: Sometimes he’d be halfway through a take and in his head he would just start from the beginning again.Go on then, which is the question you all get asked the most about your time on Potter?

James Phelps: Not for our first day, no, this was about three months before. OP: I remember arriving for the first day in the middle of the Yorkshire moors in Goathland in this tiny little village and the guy who greeted us was Michael Stevenson [second assistant director on the first three films] who’s like a legend in the industry, but we didn’t know that at the time.

” I usually bring it up in interviews myself because I think it’s funny, the fact that I had bird seed to pad out the bosoms, which was a bit scary when filming at Kings Cross because of all those pigeons. ” In America, it’s always like [in a Californian accent] “So, wouldn’t it be weird if you, like, swapped roles? BW: One thing I always wanted to know is how they chose who would play Fred and who would play George… JP: We’d had about six auditions and I’d pretty much always read Fred and Oliver read George.

OP: But we got there and still didn’t know who was who, and they were like, “You’re kidding right?

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we spoke to Julie Walters, Bonnie Wright, James and Oliver Phelps, Warwick Davis, Natalia Tena and Tom Felton about their memories of filming, whether Draco’s really a Gryffindor at heart, the perils of a birdseed bosom, and Alan Rickman’s singing.

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My actual last day was just a very quick pick-up shot for second unit, a night shot for Dom Fysh, who was the first AD on the second unit, and he gave us a very brief speech and I saluted and off I went before I started blubbing like a five-year-old girl.