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" "The study is probably in a gated community." Delighted with the job referral, Kathy checked her map after hanging up. It was in the most affluent section of the city, where the properties started at 1.5 million dollars and went up from there. There wasn't much left for clothes—especially the kind she needed for a job interview on Martha's side of town. ." The next day, as Kathy dressed carefully, she was frustrated to find that she had a run in every pair of pantyhose she owned. She realized her inexpensive clothes looked unmatched and tacky as she meekly reparked the car, and her hair kept sticking to the sweat on her forehead.

"Oh well," she told herself, "I'll wear a skirt and sweater. She shrugged off the inconvenience, jumped in her not-so-clean Suzuki, and headed for the Bible study a few minutes early. Walking back toward the large house, she noticed two black Mercedes Benz sedans pulling up in front. ." she said aloud as she ripped the note in half and angrily threw it in the trash.

Rejection doesn't feel great and sometimes it feels unfathomable but it shouldn't be something you permit to take away happiness from your life.

But we also see how God expressed His feelings for Leah.She knew very well why she had been rejected for the job—she didn't look like the other women there. In that day, it was the father's responsibility to arrange for his daughters to marry.During the seven years Jacob worked for Rachel, Laban could have tried to find a husband for Leah.She decided against taking anything to eat—by now her stomach was in knots, and she didn't want anyone to notice her. After the Bible lesson, which was dramatically presented by Martha Frazier, Kathy waited at the front to speak to her. Frazier her reason for attending, she noticed the older woman's eyes scanning her, head to toe. There was an uncomfortable feeling about their brief conversation, after which Kathy handed the teacher her business card and all but ran toward her car. "Unfortunately, I don't feel you are the right person to edit my lessons into booklets. We simply agree with his or her evaluation of us and carry a feeling of inferiority or of being "damaged goods" all our lives. If individuals don't appreciate me as a total person because they don't like my looks or my performance, does that mean I really am what they think I am? Should I permit them to label me for the rest of my life? As we study the emotional obstacle of rejection, let's take a closer look at Leah's spiritual journey, because Leah was a woman who lived with the pain of rejection every day of her life.Was Martha Frazier naturally unfriendly, or did she simply dislike Kathy? You clearly are not familiar with the type of woman to whom God has given me the privilege of ministering. I trust you were blessed." Kathy's eyes blurred with tears of shame and humiliation as she read the note. First of all, Leah was never respected by her father.

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It is a healthy attitude to accept that rejection is a part of life and to acknowledge that what really matters is finding the way to bounce back and try again.