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Ed helms and ellie kemper dating

""Oh, uh, we already do that," Helms said, awkwardly.

"We just don't invite you."Next up was Jenna Fischer, who was equally insistent that Carell sign on for a reboot."Do you remember those last words that Pam secretly whispered to Michael before she left for Denver?

In an awkward attempt to lighten the mood, Brian makes a joke referencing how he consoled Pam when she broke down after her fight with Jim over the phone in "Customer Loyalty".

After the lunch Jim admits, with some prodding, that he is angry that Pam did not tell him about this incident.

At the end of the day, Erin tries to break up with Andy, saying she no longer loves him and is angry that he left and barely communicated with her.

Erin Hannon (Ellie Kemper) decides that she is going to break up with Andy so she can be with Pete Miller (Jake Lacy), but he begins to doubt her because she goes to inordinate lengths to make their last day without Andy a happy one.

Andy surprises everyone by showing up a day early and proceeds to alienate the entire office through a series of selfish and arrogant actions: he arrives at work without having washed or shaved since he left, he unwittingly wrecks Dwight Schrute's (Rainn Wilson) record-setting sale with the Scranton White Pages while trying to reassert his authority as boss, shows no shame at accepting all of his absentee paychecks and a "merit bonus" because the branch exceeded their quarterly sales goal while he was gone, and holds a meeting to get up to speed on recent events so he can bluff his way through a meeting with CEO David Wallace (Andy Buckley), who has no idea that Andy was gone at all.

" Fischer asked, smiling."I don't really," Carell admitted."She said, 'Steve, don't be a di*k! After a lot of additional cajoling from Carell's wife, Nancy Carell, the actor finally agreed, and welcomed his former cast mates onto the stage to troll fans."I am proud to announce, officially, that we have a great show for you tonight!

" Carell yelled, before introducing the episode's musical guest and kicking things off, leaving our hopes for a would work in this day and age."The climate’s different," Carell said.

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I think maybe we should just leave it alone.” RELATED: Steve Carell Cast in Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon’s Upcoming TV Drama Kenan Thompson sprang to his feet.