Edison chen dating 16 years old Sexy chat read

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Edison chen dating 16 years old

The Edison Chen scandal/Sexy Photos Gate was the biggest story out of Hong Kong that year, and is still brought up all the freaking time today. When I met Cammi, I thought we could give it a try.

Of course, Cammi (a member of the model group Fantasy) is no stranger to weird fame, as she originally made headlines in August when a male model got her drunk and tried to rape her. More info: Edison has also spoken about the photos and revealed he split from Vincy, his girlfriend of 5 years, “I had mixed feelings after reading the reports. We had just begun our relationship when [the leaking of the photo] happened.

Mainly because she was really dating Edison Chen when the photos were taken.

Though the photos were not many compared to Cecilia Cheung and Gillian Chung, but it was believed the photos showing her sucking Edison xxxx caused her planned wedding with her rich businessman fiance at the end of year to be cancelled.

The photos have gone viral since the leak, though (thankfully) none of them are of a sexually explicit nature.

Cammi Tse, a 16 years old model that had a leaked photo scandal with Edison Chen last two weeks ago however admitted that she did lost her virginity to that 31 years old actor-singer, Edison Chen after much persuasion and after several passionate photos were leaked.

Edison Chen is embroiled in yet another scandal - this time, with a 16-year-old schoolgirl.

She is previously known to be a wild woman and love partying.

Her ex-boyfriends are apparently the Chen's : Chen Xiao Dong(Taiwan pop singer), Chen Xiao Chun(HK A-list actor).

Word is the 31 year old Chen dated a 16 year old model named Cammi Xie Zhuhui.

And by word, I mean photos of them kissing turned up online!

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His relationship with Cammi Tse, who is also a model, was exposed after photos of Chen hugging and kissing Tse were leaked online.