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Error updating objective c type information

Given our s, collection objects made via literal arrays and dictionaries are immutable.

You cannot create mutable collections with the literal syntax, so you will have to make a mutable copy after making the immutable dictionary or array.

By adding convenience APIs using extensions we can also reduce boilerplate and make it easier to perform common operations when working with results, all while retaining full type safety.

Whether or not to require errors to be strongly typed as well continues to be a debate within the community, and it's something I personally go back and forth a lot on too.

Fortunately, there are a couple of fixes available, neither of which take too long to implement.

First, let’s take a look at what’s changed and why.

In Swift 3 all methods from a class were automatically compiled so that they were available both to Swift code and to Objective-C code, which maximized compatibility. Here’s what Doug Gregor wrote when proposing the change for Swift 4: There is a cost for each Objective-C entry point, because the Swift compiler must create a "thunk" method that maps from the Objective-C calling convention to the Swift calling convention and is recorded within Objective-C metadata.

This increases the size of the binary (preliminary tests on some Cocoa[Touch] apps found that 6-8% of binary size was in these thunks alone, some of which are undoubtedly unused), and can have some impact on load time (the dynamic linker has to sort through the Objective-C metadata for these thunks).

So, all these thunk methods had to be generated whether or not they were used, which wasn’t ideal.

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However, adding that extra type information to each result does have some nice benefits — for example, it lets us specifically handle all possible errors at the call site, like this: went wrong, instead of just seeing a generic error screen, and we could even add appropriate actions for each error as well.