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INTO did not return any row.'); END; We can relate the user defined exception to the predefine errcode of oracle using raise_application_error.

Identifying the exceptions you’ll need to handle depends on the routine you’re writing. Open Read() method, it could throw any of the following exceptions: It’s easy to find out what exceptions a method can raise by looking in the . Just go to the Reference/Class Library section and look in the Namespace/Class/Method documentation for the methods you use.Sometimes you need to perform clean up actions whether or not your program succeeds.These situations are good candidates for using a finally block.The exception that you see is generated intentionally to show you what the exception message looks like before you see it yourself in your own programs.Although the code in Listing 15-1 only has a single catch block, all exceptions will be caught there because the type is of the base exception type “Exception”.

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