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Fender reveb tank dating

In a master volume was added, then in late '73 it was fitted with a push pull "boost" or acentric potentiometer in the master volume position.

The rating of the amplifier's output power was upgraded to watts and between — an ultra linear output transformer was used, increasing the power to watts.

Leo Fender began building guitar amplifiers before he started manufacturing electric guitars.

This is the preamp tube for the normal channel which you are not using when playing the Vibrato channel. It has stood the test of time and been been done by players in 50 years in blackface Fender amps.

The reverb knob on the vibrato channel will have no effect any longer.

This mod is not applicable together with the Pull V1 mod, as you need the normal channel preamp tube.

The name For example, the Twin Reverb and Super Reverb combos, along with the Dual Showman Reverb and . When most people think of a Fender amplifier, these are the first that come to mind. When I look online regarding modern Fender serial numbers it.

The iconic '65 Twin and '65 Deluxe Reverb reissues utilize the C12K for its . This mod is a must-know survival trick for all Twin owners.

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The reverb circuitry consists of two tube sections reverb driver V3 and reverb recovery V4 and the physical reverb tank.

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