Founder dating events

Posted by / 23-Jan-2020 06:47

It seems like alot of people "exploring" building a startup on the side, or it's something they're considering in the future.I haven't spent much time on Angel List so I'm curious to see how that is.

That means leveraging your network, going to meetups..and being active with it.

Had some Skype chats with a few people but it's always "let's keep our options open and keep in touch," which obviously we all know means nothing will ever come of it.

I haven't found alot of people who are serious and committed to building something.

You need a combination of wanting the same thing (to build a successful company) and being able to tolerate each other for the next few years, both through good and bad. I organized the silicon valley co-founders meetup for a while.

Founder Dating is not a bad way to meet people (and, as an aside, I've seen lots of good founding teams meet at hackathons, too). I think it's pretty clear that the goal is to get out there and start pitching your project to people and see who bites.

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