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Platform Pledges Him Their Allegiance In Next Campaign. MISSED HIS CHANCE Balfour Had Opportunity to Rehabilitate Char- acter of Government. This estimate of what is already commonly designated as the "transitional cabiifiet," seems largely due to the sens eof chaos arising from the upoxpected defection of the Duke of Devonshire (lord president of the council and conservative leader in the house of luius, whose rotignation Wcis unexpectc'iiy made public yesterday) as wiih ilu- notable exception of the colonial s* cie.aryshlp. The commission then adjourned for the day and proceeded to the memorial service for the late Sir Michael Herbert. The Ford river dam gave \ way and a washout resulted. no work save light drill in camp today, diers a chance to make the best pos- Samuel Pomeroy Colt; lieutenant gov During thp course of yesterday's ' ^^^^^ ^PP^""^"''^' ^t ^''^ '"^^'^'u''' '"" °w' ernor, George Hutter; secretary " „, „ ' li v.^1 ^"r^^' '"^^'^ "^^""^ *^^*^" ^""^'^ hours, the state. Bennett; attorney mantuvers the Blues accomplished postponement practically gives the men general, Charles F. the work on the firing line besides, j ^^i^ere he attended the horse show. tfy many of the guardsmen i field hospital corps here has received a\. : Mj Cormick, the United States am- bassador to Russia, the Alaskan bound- ary commissioners, the members of the United . 6.— Jacob Lawson and Andy Farrell, both highly respected men of this conrmunity, who have been enemies for moiiths. Testimony as to His Belli- gerent Actions on the Car. Fargo— Jack Howard, a foreman on the Still farm north of Fargo, is in a pre- carious condition iis a result of a brula J a-ssault.

THE STATE SUPREME COURT IS IN SESSION Has Fifteen Cases From PRESIDENT St. Of the cases on the calendar 43 are from Hennepin county, 40 from Ram- say and 15 from St. LAUDED The Republicans of Rhode Island Give Him Lav- ish Praise. 6.— Purposing to renominate all Republican state offi- cers now serving, and to name Col. Colt, of Bristol, as candidate for governor, the Republicans of Rhode Island met in state convention at In- Iwntry hall here today. CK ENGINE NEAR HELENA No One Now Expects the Government to Remain In Power Long. 6.— There Is practically but one opinion of the reconstructed British cabinet, and that is that Prem- ier Balfour missed his opportunity lo rehabilitate the character of his gov- ernment, and that so far as the Union- is^t policy at large is concerned, the ministry has lost most of its prestig;e 1 and authority. con y intelligent legislation, the industries and labor of the United States from the destructive competition of countries where labor surprised at Great Britain's c'nange oi attitude on the Lisiere question with- out adducing any new grounds there- for. i Paul & Milwaukee road, was crushed ; to death beneath an engine in a wreok : six miles north of Channing, Mich., I yesterday. The; name of the state which he has taken troops greeted with cheers this morn postponement was made for a two-fold j the oath of honor to defend. Governor Beckham will visit The following state ticket was nuani- Ing the announcement there would be, camp tomorrow, and to give the sol- rnously nominated: Governor, Col. The regulars took- orders to proceed to Fort Riley Sunday t: . .uu;itcment of a day off in a' for the maneuvers there. The (service which was fuly choral, was attended by the Earl of Kintore, (lord in waiting), representing King Edward; 'Mr. «.— The I upper court has rejected the appaid his b Ula^ .j S^ i^— —— ■ »m' "* yi M i m ' " ^ mm '■ T THE DULUTH EVENXNG HEEALDi TUfi SDjir, OCTOBEE 6. EVANS ON TRIAL Man Who Stabbed Motor- man Montgomery Is Before the Court. Atltorney General Knox will be to the fore as the exponent of the administra- tion's anti-trust policy. SI150 fl I nn ^ '11 l"ide 90v U Fifth street, near Filtii avenue Ea.^t. ^nn Cfl will buv a seven-room house «££u U and lot.

HAPPENINGS IN BAKOTAS A Farmliand Dies From an Overdose of Whisky. A cor- oner's jury brought in a verdict that the deceased came to his death from drink- ing the liijuor. ©rt QII** takes seven - room modern dfc OUUi^ouse on Ninth avenue East. Al AAA takes fine 50-foot lot on First w Iv UU street, near Tvventy-Iirst ave- nue l-^ast.

Write or call evenings at August Westlin, 4411 Oneota street. In denominations of §1,000 Interest 4%, payable semi-annually. ,000 Duluth Water and Light Bonc Ts FOR SALr S;. Action was brought a year ago to com- pel the company to allow the searching of baggage but up to the present time i the case has not come up for trial. Our entire line of Parlor Furni- ture and Kock- ers (not a Few of the poorer pieces) — but everything goes at astonishing figures. he play will be continued tonight and tomorrow, with the usual matinee. It is suggested that every cabinet member make three or four speeches during the campaign, and that he shall not ilepart far from those subjects with which he officially deals as a head of a government department.

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JULIIS LIESKE, THE TA1L(JR, IS now located at 113 West First street, where he will be pleased to see ail his old pat Irons and all others who have work ill his line.

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