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"Do you just lay back and close your eyes counting down the seconds until it's over? It's the first laugh out of me since I woke up in a strange bed this morning."You know what? Logan's days of getting free passes from me are officially over.""Good to hear." Weevil nods his head."In fact, he had the misfortune of harassing me in his truck this morning when I really wasn't in the mood.""Misfortune? ""I tried to strangle him with his own t-shirt, and put him on notice that he's responsible for the behavior of his minions.I plant two voice-activated bugs in his bedroom on my way out. In addition, this is my first time dipping my toes into 1st person/Present tense. Hopefully, I've pulled it off without any unintentional tense changes. He picks out a long-sleeved shirt and digs around in his dresser for a moment before heading back to the bathroom. Dropping to the ground, I peek through the glass door. When he heads straight to his closet, I'm relieved that I didn't go with my first instinct for a hiding place.By third period, it's all over the school how Madison broke up with Dick by way of a knee to the groin.A few days of monitoring Logan tells me the following: He's almost never home.If you’re looking to decode Southern slang, then you came to the right place. This has nothing do with physical appearance — instead it means misbehaving. Whether you’ve got a Southern relative or friend, or are just looking for some pointers before a trip down south, we’ve put together a list of phrases you’re likely to hear.

Several times, he's even parked at Dog Beach over on my side of town. He'd been his usual jackass self, and he'd still somehow managed to get under the skin of a trained actress eight years his senior.I notice she has dyed a portion of her hair emerald green."No problem." I say. It's the one grasped tightly in Madison Sinclair's hand.As everybody points and laughs at Dick, I give him a little wave.""Please let me through," the girl says."No password, no entry, Ghost World." Dick responds. I can expect payback later, but I am not too worried. According to her friend Maureen, Dick has been using Bettina for sex, and treating her like a dirty little secret.Dick has never been overly creative."Thanks," the girl says, eyeing my taser. Maureen says that Bettina has wanted to "out" their relationship. Dick walks past at least six of the color copies of him and Bettina making out, before one of them catches his eye.

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