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We found that lies could be categorized into two main types.

The first kind were lies related to self-presentation.

When a person is being dishonest, they will have difficulty maintaining eye contact.

What’s more, the deceitful person will likely blink more than usual and glance around.

Remain alert and observant so you can evaluate if the person is straightforward or secretive, authentic or ambiguous.

A deceptive person has to work hard to keep track of what he’s said, and some misinformation can leak out.

Only after messaging your match will you decide if you want to meet him or her.

To understand how often people lied to their partners and what they falsified, we evaluated hundreds of text messages exchanged after daters swiped right, but before they met – a period we call “the discovery phase.” We recruited an online sample of over 200 participants who provided us with their messages from a recent dating conversation and identified the lies, with some participants explaining why these messages were deceptive and not jokes.

If participants wanted to present themselves as more attractive, for example, they would lie about how often they went to the gym.

Or if their match appeared to be religious, they might lie about how often they read the Bible to make it seem as if they had similar interests.

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Therefore, telling little lies for love is normal, and we do it because it serves a purpose – not just because we can.

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