Icarly stars dating

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Icarly stars dating

So let's just get the most important question out of the way right here and now: Who does Nathan think Freddie really loved?

Nathan had a pretty good answer to that question, but not one you'll particularly love."I get that there's merit to both sides, but if this was actual real life and not a sitcom, I really don't think that Freddie should end up with either one of those girls," Nathan said in a brutally honest moment.

[they both get up and leave the Groovie Smoothie] T-Bo: Wait, Wait!

[touches the puppy] Gibby: You hear that little guy? Gibby: That means you and I are gonna have more time, just the two of us! Gibby: So I figured sharing a dog will give us something to talk about! Sam: [sounding hurt] Don't you ever say that to me! Freddie: Yeah and we need your help Carly: Why do I have to be the one... Freddie: [turns to Sam] For 36 bucks I could buy you a whole ham! Freddie: Sam I'm not buying you a ham [start to quarell]. [puts his hand on Carly's shoulder] Not in front of our baby!

Gibby: Well you know, Sam and Freddie are always hanging out together now, Carly: Yeah? Freddie: [ignores Carly] Some things are more important than ham! Sam: And I say a gentleman should happily treat his chick to a smoothie no matter how enormous!

So don't go thinking I'm gonna have to take-- [Gibby holds up the puppy and the puppy licks her nose] Aaaaaw! Freddie: [barges in] Good Carly's here, lets ask her Sam: After I get some ham Carly: What's going on? Freddie: T-Bo gave us a gigantic smoothie then tried to make me pay 36 bucks for it. Carly: If a guy really likes a girl and they're dating, I think it's nice for the guy to give the girl an enormous smoothie now and then.. Carly: But nice girls don't demand things from guys they're dating Freddie: BOOM!

It is also the second episode of the four-episode storyline stemming off of i OMG. Spencer builds a lawn in the Shay's loft, much to Carly's annoyance, even though she admits that it is nice looking at the fake stars Spencer mounted on the ceiling. Gibby tries to raise a pet dog with Carly, even though she keeps telling him she doesn't want to. Sam: [turns to Freddie] This is not how boyfriends behave! T-Bo: I can't believe I still don't have my 36 dollars!

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Sam: [nods as she looks back at Carly] Pretty much! [nods and goes back to eating] Sam: [with a mouthful of lasagna] Ohh, what do they put in this lasagna to make it so incredible?! [grabs Sam and Freddie's plates after dramatically walking away] I deserve this lasagna.