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The problem is not all of the polygons are getting updated, even though the exact same UIDS exist in both feature classes.Some of them update just fine, but just under half do not.

Note 678979 - Batch input: allow log details to be hidden says that "With the kernel correction from note 604066, the session data is included in the log in the batch input log if a field or OK code change leads to successful processing during the visible run.Editor([path to my data]) edit.start Editing(False, False) with Visit Stack Exchange Is it possible to rollback an update made with an update cursor or an insert made with an insert cursor if an error occurs?So you decided to remove them systematically when the cursor is not important. It contains many fields to influence the CTU behavior. Refer to the Display mode chapter in Batch Input - BDCThese commands are only available in foreground mode (A or E), and they are not available in CTU.You must be careful while doing that, as you may not be aware that the cursor position is required in these 2 situations (though they are relatively rare): This is a structure defined in the ABAP Dictionary (SE11) that must be used to declare the type of variable after the OPTIONS FROM keyword of CALL TRANSACTION ... For more information, refer to ABAP documentation - CALL TRANSACTION - bdc_options. They are also accessible via the menu under System -See also SAP Library - Managing Batch Input Sessions - Correcting a Session The expert mode is a checkbox which is displayed on the launch popup screen of the BI sessions.

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The SHDB recorder records the BDC data into APQI and APQD tables.

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