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So, you make your list and you visualize and you’re feeling better about your chances of having a relationship that actually feels good. You can cast your line and see what comes back to you (and yes, I just used a freaking fishing metaphor.

At this point, you may want to do a spot check – you may want to actively invite manifestations into your life to see where you’re at. Twinklyeyes to come into your reality, but you do want to see where your vibration is at.

He was arrogant, had horrible hygiene, lived in his mom’s basement (and not because he’d decided to make a big, passion fuelled life change), criticized everyone and everything, had zero ambition and had a pimply back. Now, you could use your experience with him and all his unwanted qualities to figure out what you DO want: a kind, ambitious, passionate, independent, positively focused man with skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom. You’re essentially seeking out a mirror who can reflect your current energy back to you, so you can do an assessment. The pretty awesome men are there to help you fine tune your vibration even further. A former girlfriend had even told her she wasn’t attractive enough.Listen in as we dig through her limiting beliefs to line her up with the balanced, non-dysfunctional relationship she’s always wanted.So, all things being equal, the more men you go out with, the more likely you are to find the one who’ll spontaneously make you want to offer up your uterus to help him perpetuate his lineage. If you have a belief that’s blocking out your Adonis, you could kiss all the frogs in the known Universe, and still not find him. Conversely, if your vibration is aligned with attracting Mr. Are the men you’re currently meeting (romantically or otherwise) mirroring that scenario back to you?Right, you could be the only inhabitant on a desert island, and the Law of Attraction would make sure that he’d wash up on shore. You’ll just end up getting warty lips, and there’s no lipstick in the world that can cover that shit up. Are the relationships you’re seeing also a match to what you want?

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You could go on job interviews for the rest of your life and not ever find the “perfect” job.

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