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For example, this might involve giving the person unrealistic or impossible deadlines or deciding not to nominate someone for contribution pay even though they deserve such a nomination.

• Excluding a person from work-related activities or conversations in which they have a right or legitimate expectation to participate because they have made a complaint of discrimination, harassment or bullying.

• Insults, name-calling and offensive language and gestures • Inappropriate jokes • Ridiculing and undermining behaviour • Inappropriate or unnecessary physical contact • Physical assault or threats of physical assault • Intimidating, coercive or threatening actions and behaviour • Unwelcome sexual advances • Isolation, non-cooperation or deliberate exclusion • Inappropriate comments about a person’s appearance, intrusive questions or comments about a person’s private life and malicious gossip • Offensive images and literature • Sexually suggestive behaviour, or compromising sexual invitations or demands • Racial harassment – including racist jokes • Verbal or written abuse including non-communication and deliberate and/or inappropriate exclusion from social events or day to day activities • Victimisation because of someone’s gender or gender identity, race, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion or other beliefs • Abuse of power by someone in authority • Incitement of others to commit harassment • Electronic bullying • Use of social networking sites to post derogatory messages about someone inappropriate and derogatory remarks in connection with performance • The use of inappropriate literature, pictures, books or tapes to bully or harass others • Unnecessary and degrading references to someone’s sexual orientation, gender identity or their perceived sexual orientation or gender identity • Systematic ostracism or exclusion from normal conversation in the work environment, or work related social events • Spreading rumours or gossip including speculating about someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity, or outing them Bullying can take the form of physical, verbal and non-verbal conduct.

However care should be taken to ensure that neither staff nor students are made to feel intimidated.

Racial harassment is any behaviour, deliberate or otherwise pertaining to race, colour, nationality - including citizenship, or ethnic or national origins, which is directed at an individual or group and which is found to be offensive or objectionable to recipients and which creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

Such behaviour may include: This act of harassment is any behaviour deliberate or otherwise, pertaining to sexual orientation.

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TOKYO: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad confirms 112,635 Felda settlers will receive “duit raya” of RM300 each.

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Homophobia is a term used to describe hatred and rejection of gays, lesbians and homosexuality.

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