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Japanese guys and dating

Men checked my friends and I out several occasions, and it felt really nice. They have varying skin tones, different body types, tattoos, facial hair and punk hairstyles and just a bit more swag than Korean men.When walking down the streets of Seoul, you will always notice that there is a beauty store literally on every corner.You didn’t see couples walking around wearing the same outfits or groups of friends dressed in head to toe matching outfits.Japan had the feel of a much older city, and with that feeling, comes more individuality.That was back in the days before Tinder became popular and online dating wasn’t as socially acceptable.After a particularly gloomy weekend, I decided that some no strings attached action sounded a lot better than no action at all.

No one cared that my friends and I were foreign, and we didn’t seem to be inconveniences to anyone.

The way to say foreigner in Korean is “,” and it is a word that I hear quite often here.

No matter how long you live in Korea, you will always be a foreigner.

I joined Japan Cupid, a dating website and started combing through profiles of creeps, charisma men and thankfully, potentially interesting Japanese guys.

To my surprise, I got a lot of attention, especially from the ever so shy and elusive Japanese guys.

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