Long dating honeymoon phase validating regular expression

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Long dating honeymoon phase

You've probably known at least one person who went through a bad breakup and immediately jumped into a new relationship, only to have it crash and burn once the honeymoon period was over."There was some interesting research on 'deal breakers' in relationships" says Dr. "For most people, 'deal breakers' were a bigger deal than 'deal makers' in influencing their dating decisions.But having sex more than once a week offered no additional benefit."All to say: quality over quantity.

Both scenarios are powerfully romantic, in different, almost opposing ways. There's absolutely no real barrier to what you're supposed to do once the honeymoon period is over – if you feel like you've been couching it too much and miss getting dressed up for a date, you can, at any time! "After the honeymoon period, there is a period of adjustment that happens as the relationship gets more serious," explains Dr. "There is a theory called 'the relational turbulence model' which explains the ups and downs of relationship satisfaction during those early stages.And I've always dreaded hearing "There is strong research evidence the passion declines over time, so people should expect that to happen in their relationships," says Gwendolyn Seidman, Associate Professor of Psychology at Albright College in Reading, PA."People who have the most unrealistic expectations about how wonderful and blissful their relationship will be tend to end up disappointed." Obviously, long-term relationships require work, but what's wrong with that?Arguing (so long as it's done in a healthy way) only feels bad because the honeymoon period can make you believe that you and your partner really will get along perfectly 100 percent of the time. Obviously, a healthy sex life is associated with a great relationship, but if the basis for comparison is when you'd have sex four times a day and eat greasy takeout to fuel up for round five, you will always be disappointed."It is normal for sexual frequency to decline, as passion does," says Seidman.

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Why is going through challenges and coming out stronger less romantic than making out in a dive bar booth when you still only barely know each other? The first few months of a relationship is all about sweating the microscopically-small stuff, and, according to Dr.

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