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I am a Marriott owner who just received an e-mail about a new program called Pulse, which will enable me to start using Destination Points to stay in major cities.

What's this program all about and how does it work?

We have many owners who choose to rent their timeshare as they are unable to use it but wish to keep it as an investment.

For more information about timeshare rentals click here.

For more information on selling timeshare in England, call now on 08 or use our Free Valuation Form.

Many people find renting a timeshare in England is a good option before buying a timeshare there.

You’ve got relatively few visa requirements, and English as a language is widely known throughout the world, but there are some things to keep in mind.With prices starting from £995, there has never been a better time to purchase a property in England and experience the luxury that timeshare has to offer.Click here for more information about buying timeshare.C., South Beach and San Diego, have their own historic, walk-around-town appeal that will attract families, eventually (when they get tired of all those beach-and-golf vacations).That's the idea behind Pulse, which was introduced on April 27 to a fair amount of positive timeshare media coverage.

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Choosing to rent a timeshare gives people a chance to inspect a property they may be considering to buy into.

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