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Former San Francisco mayor, 84, admits it happened.” Twitter seems to be enthusiastic about calling her either a gold digger or a prostitute.Let’s be clear: unless they sexually harassed someone or raped someone (which seems to indicate they might not be qualified to make decisions about political and social issues), there’s no need to care too much about a candidate's personal life—especially when it comes to who they dated 20 years ago.Claiming that a woman is certainly a gold digger reaffirms a worldview pleasing to those who’d like to believe that men are the ones with the real power, and, if a woman ever exerts power, it’s been generously bestowed on her by a man.This claim—that someone used their sexuality to advance—basically never happens to men.If you thought we were going to make it all the way to the actual primaries before we started accusing democratic women of prostituting themselves, boy, are you in for a surprise.It’s recently come to light that, 20 years ago, Kamala Harris dated former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown.None of which is to say that Kamala Harris’ record shouldn’t be examined.

I had been living with my hardworking, kind, stable husband for 20 years.

It’s far more likely that a female candidate would date a powerful man than if the genders were reversed, simply because there were more powerful men than there were powerful women 20 years ago.

This attack can’t be used on a man, because, just looking at the number of women versus men in politics in the 1990s, it would be really unlikely for a man to encounter a powerful enough woman that their relationship would still be seen as benefiting his career 20 years later.

For sexists, the hubbub around Kamala Harris acts as a convenient reminder to other women thinking of running that, if you choose to, you had better have married your high school sweetheart.

Otherwise, your past may not be pure enough to satisfy people.

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