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Online dating acronyms

even the fun aspects of online culture are reserved just for husband-hunting.

Fein and Schneider tell women to employ acronyms like “LOL” in order to communicate to men that they are just too busy to write out three whole words. The military and its supporting defence industry are quite literally deadly serious.

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It might even be that your chances of meeting the right one online are higher.

After all, if you aren’t up to speed with the latest buzzwords, you might miss out on that all-important date.

“The vocabulary for dating site acronyms seems to be changing on a daily basis.Has both clean and dirty jokes in hundreds of categories, plus a chat room and discussion forum.Love Cats Online Dating Video Is There A Free Online Dating Service Seeking Singles & Romance Online for FREE? So I’d always assumed that I was current on the lingo — that I would be on the cusp of whatever newspeak people were pounding out on their keyboards. It means “For the Win.” Definitely the same as WTF backward. If an acronym is being used, you need to think about it and make sure you know it otherwise you could end up with a big surprise down the road.

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The way I see it is: I may have grown up while the Internet was a baby, but I’ll take full sentences over jargon any day of the week. Online dating and texting/chat sort of has a mini language of its own that you do need to pay attention to. Well, you may think you know the type of person you are chatting with and what they are looking for, but you could be wrong.

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